Me and My Bronco, pt. 1 – Getting Reacquainted

My junior year of high school, my dad got me a 1991 Ford Bronco.  I drove her through my freshman year of college, then got rid of her because of some electrical problems and gas mileage.  Driving that thing between Jackson and Oxford was rough.  She was an Eddie Bauer edition, navy blue with a khaki stripe across the bottom and matching top.  I loved that truck as much as any vehicle I’ve ever owned, and the moment we got rid of her, I vowed I’d get another one.  That was somewhere around 2003-2004.  I wasn’t sure when or how, but I vowed I would get another one.

Last Sunday, June 21, 2015, I took a major step towards fulfilling that vow.  I found a 1989 Ford Bronco on Craigslist, and I pulled the trigger on buying her.  She cost $2,500, and we bought it knowing it was going to be a bit of a project.  She’s an Eddie Bauer edition, navy blue with a khaki stripe across the bottom and matching top.  Nostalgia definitely played a part in buying it, and it was a decently sized gamble on buying her.  The seller included in the ad that her harmonic balancer was going to need to be replaced, and a mechanic friend said that could either be an easy fix or necessitated an engine replacement.

Come to find out, she needs a new engine.

So, at this point, it’s kind of wait and see.  Our budget for the fix up job is $2,000, and obviously a new engine will eat up a huge chunk of that.  I’m pretty confident that she’ll fetch at least what we paid for her if the rest of the job turns out to be more expensive, but I figured I’d record the chronicles here because I want something to write about and I want to track my progress as I try my hand at some mild auto restoration.  If the engine works out, a lot of work will need to be done on the interior, but nothing a person who can follow instructions can’t handle (I hope).  She’ll also need a good cleaning and buffing – if I can get that navy blue to shine again, she’s going to be a beautiful truck.  And even if this one doesn’t work out, I’ll find another one.  The time has come to be back in a Bronco, and I can’t wait for it to finally be here.

My only regret so far is that I don’t have any pictures to show for it.  The body is in great shape, she’s sitting on 33″ mud tires (Cooper SSTs), and has nerf bars under the doors.  Unfortunately, that’s about all she has going for her.  The headliner is hanging pretty low, the windows don’t roll up and down right all the time, one of the arm rests on the door is totally chewed up, and you can’t tell what gear she’s in because the orange indicator thing is out.  And the whole engine thing.

Whatever the decision we make on her is, I want to keep a running log of what’s going on.  I’m definitely an amateur at this, but it’s something I’ve always dreamed of doing.  So consider this chapter in the new story of me and my Bronco.


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