Monthly Archives: July 2013

So Long, Sweet Summer

OK so this blogging once a week thing didn’t work out.  I think I was actually doing a pretty good job until that whole wedding thing.  Anyway, I think I’m back.  No promises, but I’m going to keep trying.

Yes, I used a Dashboard Confessional lyric as a blog post, and yes, I hate myself for it.  I just feel like it’s kind of appropriate.  I’m not listening to the song or anything, it came into my mind.  Gosh, I didn’t realize this was that big of a deal.  And nobody has even read this yet – I’m literally arguing with myself over this.  OK anyway…

I remember when I was in high school and college.  Summer was pretty awesome.  I think I tried to act like I hated it, but it really was great.  High school summers consisted of playing basketball all day, then going swimming or something, then playing video games all night, then doing the same thing the next day.  It was awesome.

College summers consisted of working at camp, or doing a summer program, and spending the off time in Oxford when it was quiet and not much going on so you could pretty easily get the feeling of running the town.  We didn’t have to wait in line at restaurants, the bars weren’t crowded, and there just wasn’t much going on.  Go to work, get a shower, go eat, go out, repeat.

That’s obviously changed.  This summer has been amazing – I mean, I got married and have spent a whole bunch of time with my best friend in the whole world.  I really can’t remember a summer that has been more fun than this one.

I also can’t remember one that’s been more challenging.  It’s my first summer that doesn’t involve a camp somewhere, Jackson (with all of my friends less than 5 minutes away), or Oxford.  It’s been my first summer that I owned a house and actually had to…you know…do work in (and on) it.

The wedding was an incredible high – so many amazing things happened that weekend.  It was amazing to have all of my friends in one place and to get to spend quality time with them, to hear their experiences in marriage, and to hear the things we have meant to each other over the years.  And that’s not even getting into all of the awesome stuff of standing in front of those same friends and family and making a covenant with one another before God.  There were just so many incredible things that I’m still unpacking about all of it.

There have also been some lows.  I had to say goodbye to a friend who I have gotten pretty close with over the last couple of years. He’s not dead or anything, but he moved to California.  So we’ll still Vox and play video games and stuff but it’s just different now. And taking kids to camp was a mixed bag – I had a great time with them, and I got to hear one of my good friends share the gospel with them night in and night out, but having been married for just over a month and spending two of those weeks away from your wife is rough.

My takeaway from all of this, though, is that the romantic idea of wistfully playing summers away is dead.  I think even last year I held on to that a little.  No, the idea of summer is different now.

But you know what?  I wouldn’t change it.

Yeah, it’s nice to have some time to rest and be lazy and collect yourself.  But to get to take the next step in this adventure of life is way better than short waits at restaurants and landing free drinks.  I feel like, and maybe for the first time, I’ve grown over the summer.  I’ve been pushed and challenged.  I’ve read books.  I’ve traveled a lot.  I am exhausted.

But it’s awesome.