Running Out the Clock

One of my dreams (and by “dream” I mean a passing thought I had like 8 years ago) has always been to be a “sports guy.”  I tried to be a journalism major in college so I could go into sports broadcasting, but I realized it was a lot of work (and I would have to cover NASCAR), so I changed majors.

Well, 20 year old me, your time has come.  My good friend Joseph Craven and I are in the process of making a sports podcast called “Running Out the Clock.”  Craven has a blog post over at the GBOAT, so you can check it out there, or you can just click on one of these to listen to the previews here:

Preview #1

Preview #2 

I’m really excited to get to do this.  Recording the previews was a blast, so hopefully we’ll be able to provide entertaining and (somewhat…) informative content.

I’ll keep you posted on new episodes.


Thoughts? Comments? Share Please!

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