They’re Back! They’re Really Back!

I wasn’t going to write anything this week, but as it turns out, I don’t have anything to do but am super anxious for the weekend so here are some words on the Internet.

The above picture may mean nothing to you.  But the guys (and gal) behind this logo changed a lot for me.

That’s the Five Iron Frenzy logo.  Five Iron Frenzy is a ska band from Colorado, and they write really good songs.  They called it quits during my freshman year of college, and they got back together in 2012, and everything was awesome again.  If The Avett Brothers are my favorite band, FIF is my co-favorite band.  Their music meant a lot to me – it ranged from insane songs like “When I Go Out” and “Rhubarb Pie” to songs that made pretty serious statements like “Beautiful America,” “Vultures,” and “American Kryptonite” to songs that really expressed the beauty of God’s creation like “A Flowery Song” and “Dandelions” to the downright tearjerker “Every New Day.”

FIF played a major role in shaping my faith, because I saw a band who was goofy enough to not take themselves incredibly seriously but still desired to worship, even if their style didn’t exactly fit in with the mainstream Christian music of the day (or any day, for that matter).  They tackled pretty serious issues, and didn’t shy away from the questions that the Christian faith inevitably gives us all.

So after sitting around and watching FIF videos on YouTube for several hours, I was feeling all nostalgic and wanted to write about how awesome Five Iron Frenzy is.  I’ll leave you with “Every New Day.”

Dear Father, I need you.

Your strength my heart to mend.

I want to fly higher

Every new day again.


Thoughts? Comments? Share Please!

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