Thank you, Chris Broussard

This week, an NBA player, Jason Collins, came out as a homosexual.

The response was predictable.  The majority of the media fawned all over him and took opportunities to blast those who didn’t, and Christians everywhere (read: liberal and conservative Christians) felt like martyrs.  And if there’s one thing that Christians in America seem to love, it’s feeling like martyrs over stuff that really isn’t persecution.

But that’s another post for another day.

Through all the noise, one voice truly stood out to me – Chris Broussard.  Honestly it was one of the last voices I expected to hear on it, not for any negative reasons towards him, but because I didn’t know anything about him other than that he was a sportswriter.

On Outside the Lines, an ESPN show that focuses on sports figures on and off the field, Broussard and LZ Granderson were brought in to discuss Jason Collins’ announcement.  Granderson is openly homosexual, and Broussard is a Christian (I think it speaks volumes about both men that, despite their disagreement over this issue, they can maintain a professional working relationship and apparently a solid friendship).  I didn’t know that until Monday.  But Broussard was asked point blank what he thought about Collins’ decision in light of Christianity, and he responded with this:

It should be noted that all of the clips involving Broussard’s answer start with “I’m a Christian, I don’t agree with homosexuality,” making it seem as if he just started offering up his opinion.  He did not.  He was specifically asked about it, and then gave an honest answer.  If he had just volunteered that answer without being asked, it probably would have bothered me.  A sports station or sports broadcast is not the place to take up political/social/religious issues (I’m looking at you, Bob Costas).  But he was asked his opinion, and he gave it.

Then yesterday, he went on a radio show to clarify his statements, and not only did he not back down, he strongly stood for what he believed.  He explained the Old Covenant/New Covenant difference well.  And he didn’t single anyone else or let himself off the hook.  Listen to it here.

Through all of this, I want to say thank you, Chris Broussard.

Thank you for having the courage to speak your mind, even though it wasn’t popular.

Thank you for having the restraint to not speak your mind until you were directly asked about it.

Thank you for showing grace in the initial interview.

Thank you for not pointing the blame on “them, them, them” and recognizing that we are all sinners.

Thank you for reminding us that Christians aren’t perfect.

Thank you for not being a martyr.

Thank you for giving well reasoned, well thought out answers.

Thank you for showing grace not just through your answers, but through how you live.

I hope more Christians can learn to handle disagreement this way.

Thanks, Chris.


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