Monthly Archives: December 2011

Various Musings

As I was working on my last post, the Thanksgiving one, I was thinking “I am so totally going to start writing once a week!  It’s going to be awesome!”  Then, a month later, I started it back up.  So…yeah!  But I really do want to be a more consistent writer.  Maybe that’ll be a New Year’s resolution.  We shall see. 

I’ve had a few thoughts bouncing around in my head, most of which aren’t all that profound or anything, but I just want to get them out there.  Here goes.

– Since the week before Halloween, things have been crazy.  I mean CRAZY.  Busy busy busy…midterms/papers due right around then, then gearing up for finals, then slowly taking over RUF, then traveling over Thanksgiving break some, then finally taking finals…just crazy times.  Sadly, it’s been one of those times that I’ve majorly neglected some important areas in my life – namely being spending time reading Scripture and praying.  Which seems weird for a seminary student, right?  I mean, we spend our time studying the Bible.  Of course we’d be in it.  But one stumbling block I come across a lot is looking at the Bible as a text book.  Purely academic.  Then something funny happened – on each of my finals, as I was writing answers to essay questions, this book that had become academic came alive.  On each of my tests, there was a question that nearly brought me to tears (if I hadn’t been in a classroom with a ton of other people I might have actually let myself cry).  Tears of both conviction and joy.  And what a beautiful thing it was!  The first question was a discussion of Romans 8 and the contours of the Christian life.  The second question was on the Trinity.  The third question was a discussion on Galatians 1:1-3:14 and what exactly is Paul’s gospel he writes about there.  As I wrote on each of these answers, the words jumped off the page and grabbed me in a way they never have before.  The conviction set in that the Bible had simply become a means to an end for me – a way to get a good grade (maybe…) and pass seminary (again…maybe…).  It was a textbook.  God was showing me that even in academic study of the Bible, I am to treat it with great reverence, awe, and wonder.  But there was also a great feeling of JOY!  I mean pure joy!  God was also reminding me of a few things.  First, that I am a horribly screwed up person.  The last few months have been proof positive of that.  Second, I can’t do anything about that.  Third, though, Christ came anyway.  He called me from death into life and has promised to see it through to the end.  And for whatever reason, he chose to use finals week to show that to me.  Finals week – the time I just about always have a major emotional and physical breakdown and question just about everything in my life – was the time God chose to remind me of his great love for me.  I stand amazed at that.

– Sunday morning, December 18, I will, for the first time in my life, be a member of a new church.  I’ll officially be a member of Redeemer PCA in Jackson, and I am beyond excited for it!  It’s going to be strange being a member of a new church and a new denomination, but it’s a new chapter of life that I am eager to begin. 

– The last few weeks have also been a major reminder that God has blessed me with some incredible friends.  I mean…wow.  It really seems like the conversations I have had with several friends since right around Thanksgiving have been some of the deepest and most meaningful conversations I’ve ever had with them, taking friendships that have always been pretty solid to another level – a deeper level of vulnerability and honesty.  It’s been a major breath of fresh air.

– Yet again, my hopes have been raised and then dashed about an Avett Brothers show.  This time it happened BEFORE I bought tickets and in a mere matter of hours, but man…suuuuuucks!  But hopefully they’ll be back in the fall and not on a Tuesday night. 

I guess things really haven’t been too eventful lately.  Especially the last few days – I pretty much just needed some time to catch up on rest and all that jazz.  But hopefully next week I’ll write some things about Christmas and other stuff like that.  And then maybe try to develop a more consistent theme and writing schedule for the new year. 

Until next time…so long