Some Quick Thoughts…

Wow, these last few days have been crazy. I’ve been thinking about so much the last few days, I thought I’d try to write a few things down. Here goes.

– Is there a better place stories are told than sports? I really don’t know if there is. Thinking back to the playoffs in the NFL and NBA last season and then the World Series this year…it’s incredible. Each of those had such interesting storylines (and interesting champions) it’s hard to go back and recount them all. I’m not a baseball fan, but I found myself glued to the TV for Game 6 and kept up with Game 7 the whole time. Just one example – David Freese, the hometown kid gets to grow up and fulfill his life long dream of playing for the Cardinals in the World Series. Only problem – he makes an error that could wind up costing them the game. Then what happens? Facing their last out TWICE, the team rallies, and Freese hits a walk-off home run to force (and win) Game 7. (And by the way – as much as I love college sports and a single elimination formatted tournament, there isn’t anything better than an NBA or MLB Game 7. There just isn’t.) It’s incredible. Also, I saw Moneyball – again, great story as it pertains to sports.

– Amendment 26. Where to begin? I don’t want this to be political or anything, but when I first heard about this amendment, I liked it. The more I’ve read up on it, though, the more it worries me. I am a pro-lifer (anti-abortion), but this amendment is so vague about what it is and what it does that it’s hard to get behind it. I’m sure this is going to be the kind of thing that if it gets voted in, it’s going to get struck down by a court somewhere eventually, and if it doesn’t get voted in, we’ll all hear our favorite Southern Baptist pastors bemoaning the continuing moral degradation of America.

What’s sad to me through this whole thing is that it seems like we’ll focus on abortion so hard during election season, then the other three years not say a word about it. There are ways to combat abortion that are more effective than passing something into law. One such way is the gospel. Are we preaching it? Are we living it out? When we politicize these issues so much it becomes easy to forget there are real women dealing with these choices. There are real people who, for whatever reason, are pursuing abortion as a viable option (even when it isn’t on the ballot) and it seems like we don’t believe it (or care about it). Instead of just trying to get some law passed, why aren’t we doing more to engage it in the real world?

-Finally, this Greek exegesis paper is the hardest thing ever. So ready to be done.

That is all.



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