Blast from the past…

This is something I wrote a while back…Actually almost 4 years ago to the day.  It’s from an October 14, 2007 entry on another blog I wrote.


You feel like you’re standing still
And the world’s just moving all around you
Friends, family, everyone else
Are progressing and you feel left behind
And the church tells you to get up and move
But you just don’t know where to go
And you’re frustrated that you haven’t heard the call
In the thunder or the earthquake
Or the howling winds
And none of it makes sense


So you fill up your time with ministries
And services and religion and church
Because as we all know
God helps those who help themselves
And you talk about Jesus and God and the Spirit
In your fifteenth small group of the week
And seek advice from pastors and campus ministers
Or foreign missionaries or anyone else who might listen
And you somehow have forgotten
That he invites you to find out for yourself


And once you’ve reached the end of your rope
You’re tired and broken with nowhere to go
You collapse in your bed as the tears start to flow
You’ve taken religion as far as it will go
And if you don’t find something real then
The last 22 years were completely pointless
You cry out and ask God just where the hell he’s been
And in this moment of total desperation it comes
A whisper so faint but so unmistakable
“Be still and know I’m here”


“Be still?” you ask…that can’t be right…
You find religion every single day
But in the back of your mind you know
It’s true because it’s religion that’s gotten you here
In the first place…Besides it’s time you started
Asking the questions you’re told not to ask
Or maybe were just too scared to because you might
Actually get an answer. And it might not be the one
You want, like who to vote for or how you should think
But you might actually get called to do something crazy


But, see, it’s in this moment you feel again
And you realize that maybe God doesn’t fit into
Your neat Baptist or Presbyterian or Methodist mold
And no one knows you’re a Christian by your programs
Or even those 14 chapters of the Bible you memorized
But it’s by love and love alone…and suddenly you realize
That’s what’s not there…you realize that it’s OK
To not have to look OK all the time and it’s even OK
To be burned out on church or programs and in those times
That voice…that unmistakable voice just calls your name
And says “be still”


Thoughts? Comments? Share Please!

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